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Connecting Machine Learning and the Human Experience

Humanize AI is focused on developing and commercializing the human interface of artificial intelligence; building interactive experiences through physical installations that integrate machine-learning technologies with interactive technologies.

Our goal is to become the bridge and develop technologies that enhance the translation point between AI and human experience and to develop the interface for digital – physical / AI – human interactions.


Humanize AI has two product levels for commercialization.

1) Humanize AI: The Experience

A suite of experiences to be deployed in museums, conferences and other public spaces. These interactive installations demonstrate the concepts underlying the Second Machine Age: artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics and computer automation.

This series of interactive installations will demonstrate and explore the concepts of:

•     Exponentiality - What the doubling power of Moore’s Law really means, where we are, and what comes next?

•     Machine Learning and AI - What are...?
o Predictive algorithms
o Cooperative algorithms
o Competitive algorithms
o Algorithmic Control

•     Robotics - Robot and human interaction, cooperation and competition.

•     Chatbots - How can chatbots be deployed to engage users in a participatory interactive experience (conversations with computers that hint at the future)?

Phase 2 - Develop Commercial applications for Interactive AI Experiences: Advertising, Gaming, Entertainment, Information Dissemination

2) Humanize AI: The Technology

Commercializing research, technologies and software developed in the process of building and deploying the interactive experience. We will work with cutting edge AI technology companies, interactive companies and leading machine learning researchers in creating and testing research layers for the human/AI interface and identifying commercial opportunities.